Community Energy

Solar for everyone

An increasing number of communities and housing associations are taking advantage of the support available from investors, private organisations, and governmental programs to bring renewable technology to their locality while generating revenue for the organisation.

Fully funded PV - Solar PPA

Social or community energy can take many forms. In some cases solar technology is provided at no cost to tenants, landlords or the housing association. A percentage of the energy generated is used to power tenants’ homes and communal areas, while the remaining is sold to a licensed supplier or the national grid for use off-site. The council or association receives a payment for every installation.

Solar collectives

In other cases a small group comprising homeowners with the shared interest of leveraging their group buying power to obtain better prices for solar PV and battery storage systems band together enjoying discounts for all members.

Green Energy Together installers

Removing barriers to sustainability

We believe that wide adoption of renewable technologies requires a wider approach to our concept of sustainability. Climate solutions are only solutions if they can be sustained long term. They must be financially sustainable for all stakeholders, including local governments and investors, and they must include all strata of society.

The green future now

Through viable business models that remove the privilege from sustainability the green future can be achieved, and there is ample support for local communities to join that future.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include cutting carbon emissions significantly, produce cheaper electricity for tenants and direct payments to the housing association or council for every installation. Get in touch and learn how community energy can benefit your organisation.