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Redefining solar

We believe in the solar future.  We believe the future of energy is green, renewable, ethical and fair-priced and our transparent approach places us well to deliver the future, now.

As one of the largest commercial installers in the country, with over 400 million watts of solar generated in the last decade including landmarks like King's College Hospital and Paddington Train Station, we get great deals directly from the manufacturers and we pride ourselves on our fair market pricing.

Our designs are cost effective because we only sell you what your lifestyle needs. Throughout the process, your home and investment are in safe hands.

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Quality of products, equipment, system design and effective installation techniques will affect the performance and longevity of your solar system, so it's crucial to have both effective and reasonably priced solutions.

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Peace of mind

Every step of the process and scope of the work is clearly outlined and explained. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you understand everything clearly before making the decision to go green.

End to end service

Our service includes the offer of a detailed commissioning review. A qualified engineer will review the documentation, undertake any necessary registrations for the property and issue them on your behalf.

Performance optimisation

We'll look after you and your system in line with the data we receive from your remote monitoring solution, while our Customer Care team will be available to answer your questions, all for free for 2 years.

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Warranty Data

  • 10+ years warranty on inverters
  • 25 to 30 years performance warranty and 10 to 15 years product warranty on panels
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Superior system design

Our usage-based model makes our designs really cost effective. Our team will only recommend the system that works best for you, based on the amount of energy you use, and we provide an accurate forecast on your return on investment. The system providing a great ROI is one that generates the perfect amount of energy for you to consume at home without exporting a large surplus out on to the grid. We're confident our designs are perfect for you, our customer, and we'll back that up by providing your final quote and the calculation in an easy to understand and simple format.

After analysing a number of key factors, including your location, building and roof orientation and inclination, we use state-of-the-art modelling technology to design your proposed system. Our desktop survey process uses industry-leading PV*SOL simulation software, enabling 3D visualisation and accurate shading analysis.

This programme considers every factor, including the last 10 years of local meteorological data, for optimal performance and return on investment.

The government, via Energy Companies, offers the Smart Export Guarantee for excess energy not being used on site to be exported onto the grid, and this guarantee will buy that energy from you at a low rate. Sadly, the rate per KWH offered doesn’t come close to offset the initial cost of the system. Therefore, our modelling as close to 100% of consumption as possible prevents oversizing of the system and over-generation, avoiding surplus energy being exported at a loss and reducing payback time.