Asset Management

Experts on your side

Successful asset management requires the effective coordination of processes in line with strategic objectives. We provide a full range of Asset Management Services, as a package or on their own, to safely maximise output and efficiency, ensuring minimal system downtime and smooth operation at all times.

An integrated approach

Uninterrupted monitoring in addition to quantification, measurement and verification of performance allows us to retrieve essential information from the raw data gathered from multiple sources. In combination with thorough periodical on-site inspections, including drone surveys, we are able to compare the asset’s digital data and information with its actual physical status. This enables us to optimise your investment, and if problems occur, we can efficiently pinpoint the issue and send out our local specialists to fix it.

Digital technical advice

We recognised the importance of extensive performance analysis in the optimisation of a renewable asset’s performance. For this, we provide data tools and specialist engineers to analyse historic datasets of any asset – at different production levels – to identify potential root causes of underperformance, which can trigger an effective resolution plan.